About us

    ROI Institute Europe is a research and consultancy agency supporting organizations getting insight in the current and desired performance of their employees: the performance analytics. We are the expert in providing insight in the effect of investing in people. We do this by linking performance of employees to business results and proving predictive learning analytics before, during and after their change and learning programs.

    Thanks to our many years of experience and the impressive database we have built up over those years we can advise organizations on how to optimize results and get insight in the effect of HR and learning.

    We offer services in the field of measuring, reporting and analytics.
    We conduct workshops, we speak, we do research and we accompany studies.

    How we work


    – always work in cooperation with our clients
    – work according to the ROI Methology™
    – go back to the core by applying Business Alignment
    – we make an evaluation plan
    – we work according the European privacy  and security guidelines

    We start the process with a client by looking at what the needs are along the Vmodel. What is the level of pay-off on level 5? What is the impact you want to achieve? Which KPI’s do you want to influence? What other behavior do you want to see in practice and which reaction ensures predictive analytics?

    With all this information we draw up a evaluation plan with the objectives on the different levels. On each level we determine which measurements we use and what information need to be reported and analyzed. ROI Institute Europe has a fixed format for the reports om each level, where customization is always possible.

    Our starting point is always quick and effective with the best result for our clients. Where it is very important that we ensure the privacy and security of employees.

    Partnership ROI Institute Europe

    Since the beginning of 2013 we have become the European partner of the ROI Institute (Birmingham, U.S.A.) ROI Institute, helps organizations evaluate the success of projects and programs, including measuring the financial return on investment (ROI). This partnership converges with a growing interest and need to prove and establish the value of learning within organizations.

    Founders Jack and Patti Phillips created the ROI Methodology™ a good structured and documented way of working. They applied the rules of accountancy to calculate Human Capital. In addition, they have made sure that the Methodology is actually applied in practice by means of numerous case studies.

    Jack and Patti Phillips travel the world implementing the ROI Methodology into organizations. They work with Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, nonprofits, healthcare companies, and non-government organizations. With over 5,000 organizations using this process, the ROI Methodology is the most used and implemented evaluation system in the world.

    Our partnership has also resulted in the construction of Phillips Analytics™, a web application suitable for worldwide use and totally based on the ROI methodology of Jack Phillips.

    ROI Methodology™

    ROI Institute Europe always works according to the ROI Methodology™.

    The ROI Methodology™ enables you to collect appropriate data to report performance. A focused, proven and practical approach. It generates both qualitative and quantitative data and provides techniques to isolate the effects of the program from other influences – resulting in credible metrics and ROI reports accepted by financial executives and stakeholders. With over 5,000 organizations using it is the most used and implemented evaluation system in the world.

    The ROI Methodology™ in summary:

    ●  Systematic approach to evaluating all types of programs and projects
    Captures six types of data from reaction to ROI
    Credible and scalable process
    Most widely used evaluation system, with global adoption
    More about the ROI Methodology™

    Our History

    ROI Institute Europe was founded (under the name Navigator) by Klaas Toes in 2002. His extensive expertise in the field of trainings and his economic background gave him the insight that there was much unused potential, both in people and organisations. There was also a lack of measuring instruments to gain an insight into the actual results of training courses. This was the beginning of a search for an instrument that could make the Value of Learning more understandable. ROI Institute Europe has developed increasingly advanced analysis instruments for this purpose in the past twelve years.

    Our People

    Twan Bijsterveld


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    Rick de Rijk


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    Simone de Bruin


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    Gislaine van Erp

    Project support

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    Klaas Toes

    CEO (CRP)

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    Renée Lubberdink

    Managing Consultant (CRP)

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    Sylvia Stroombergen


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    Lotte Dros-Hendriks

    BI Developer

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    Insight into the effect of learning
    Clear standards
    Linked to the organization strategy