Measure, Report and Analytics

With measurements, reports and analytics we support organizations in their learning and change process.  We help them by providing insight before, during and after their change and learning programs.  We are showing the effect of the performance improvements of their employees by linking people’s performance with business results.

ROI Institute Europe has explicitly chosen to work according ROI Methodology™ of Jack Phillips. We use the V-model to determine the needs of the organization. What is the level of pay-off on level 5? What is the impact you want to achieve? Which KPI’s do you want to influence? What other behavior do you want to see in practice and which reaction ensures predictive analytics?

With all this information we draw up a evaluation plan with the objectives on the different levels. Then we determine which measurements we use and what information need to be reported and analyzed. ROI Institute Europe has a fixed format for the reports om each level, where customization is always possible.

Our measurements & reports

On each level of the pyramid of learning and performance we provide measurements , reports and analytics.
In addition to the standard reports we also offer custom-made solutions. We are happy to advise you on a suitable measurement/report that provides insight into the desired results.

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Performance report

Provides insight into the competancy results of an individual measured in practice. It provides insight into a person's abilities and opportunities for development. It is a perfect suitable document for personal development.

Coaching report

Provides insight into the result of coaching. The contribution and impact of the coach becomes visible in this report. Qualities and opportunities for development are are clearly displayed.

Team report

Provides insight into the performance of a team. It provides insight into the environmental factors that affect the team's performance which can be invested in targeted development of the team.

Leadership report

Provides insight into the competency resultsof an individual. Measured in practice and based on the Quinn leadership roles. It provides insights into the qualities, opportunities for development and personal leadership style.

Trusted Advisor report

Provides insight into the competency results of an individual. Measured in practice and based on the profile of the Trusted Advisor. It provides insight into the extent someone manages to win trust at the other.


In addition to individual reports, we also report management information.  A infographic contains a summary and analysis of the results. Clearly and graphically displayed.

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Level 3


Is your organization ready for the future? Do you know which skills and knowledge you have in the organization and how they contribute to the strategy and the achievement of the goals?

ROI Institute Europe helps organizations to get insight into the knowledge and skills of their employees and how they are linked to the strategic goals. We report the extent to which employees apply the knowledge and skills in their daily work and contribute to the achievement of results. Which helps in the strategic workforce planning. The competence skill level is a crucial factor in order to perform successfully. The competence skill level determines largely the result employees book.

In order to determine the level of competence, ROI Institute Europe makes use of various tools. In consultation with our clients we decide on the most appropriate approach and line of questioning. We often use a performance scan to measure what you've learned and actually applied in practice. All measurements are conducted using digital questionnaires. To measure the right competence skills we inventory together what the ambition of the organization is and which behavior contributes to that. We often do this by performing a Business Alignment or design session.

In addition to customized reports we also offer a number of standard reports with a fixed set of competencies: Team, Trusted Advisor, Challenger Sales, Coaching and Leadership.

ROI by the numbers

The world of  HR and learning are facing new demands. More and more data is available. In the rapidly changing market managers are seeking insights, people and performance analytics, that help them to make optimal use of the human potential in the organization.

Thanks to our many years of experience and the impressive database we have built up over the years we are the expert in providing insight in the return of investing in people. This makes us capable of advising organizations.



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