ROI Workshops

    Learn how to demonstrate the value of ‘learning’ yourself!

    In order to offer training and development professionals the opportunity of getting acquainted with the ROI Methodology™ we organize various incompany workshops throughout the year. From analyzing reports to Business Alignment and ROI. Don’t wait until your clients or colleagues challenge you to prove the value of your department or business unit or demand that you demonstrate the value of a training and development program. Attend this workshops! It will help you to make sure you are a step ahead of them.

    Are you interested in one of our workshops? Please contact us for more information and the possibilities.

    ROI Masterclass: The Business Case for Learning 

    Building a businesscase for investing in people? Learn how to use design thinking priciples to ensure your learning programs and projects deliver results.

       5 september / 3 oktober / 28 november

    ROI Certification

    During the ROI Certification Program you learn to identify the impact and the ROI of learning for your organization. You learn how to structurally implement the ROI Methodology ™ in your organization.

    june 17 / june 19 Utrecht, the Netherlands   /  October 9-11  in Brussels, Belgium

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    Clear standards
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